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Quarry seed

Making crop decisions is becoming more difficult in these challenging times, with the marketplace offering products that are not tested and proven under our Western Canadian conditions. Rely on
Quarry Seed’s research and knowledge to gain the upper hand on your farm.

Quarry Seed is responsible for testing and assessing new seed varieties, seed multiplication and logistical disbursement throughout Western Canada. Quarry Seed spends considerable time and money in agronomic trials (approximately 8 – 10 replicated trials) throughout Western Canada to help develop a complete package for the growers. 

Some of the agronomic trials are:

  1. Seeding Rates
  2. Systemic Seed Treatments
  3. Various Inoculants and Combinations of Inoculants
  4. Fertility
  5. Fungicides
  6. Herbicides
  7. Growth Promoters

Quarry Seed strives to “properly place product” with each grower, whether it’s the best choice of seed or the agronomy surrounding it, we look at the whole package.