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Walterscheid are true insiders when it comes to agricultural machinery: Walterscheid technology is integrated into the agricultural machinery produced by all well-known manufacturers. Walterscheid uses tried-and-tested components to develop tractor attachment systems or complete drive systems that are, for instance, based on an integrated overall concept made up of shaft assembly, overload safety device and gearbox.

Walterscheid products

The program of Walterscheid includes

  • PTO Drive shafts
  • Clutches
  • Tractor-Attachment-System
  • Hitches

    Technology made by Walterscheid is perfectly tailored to a wide range of applications. This is both economical and functional: no interface-related losses, no adjustments. Walterscheid Inside guarantees strong performance, extended service life and absolute reliability. Look for Walterscheid Inside when investing in new machinery or replacing components.

    Only original Walterscheid components and spare parts - carrying the Walterscheid diamond of quality - ensure that your overall system will perform at its best for a long time and guarantee a long overall service life - and they are available at Bouius Custom Work.