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More and more people are investing in chiptuning to improve the performance of their vehicle/machine. Are you curious about what chip tuning exactly entails and / or whether this is also interesting for you? Here's more about chip tuning and what to look out for when choosing a reliable chip tuner.

How does chiptuning work?

Most modern engines are controlled by a Computer (ECU). This continuously regulates, among other things, the injected amount of fuel, the turbo pressure and the ignition time. Chiptuning processes the programs that form the engine management on the basis of many parameters (measured values). The chips in an ECU are loaded with software. Often these programs are not optimally written and certainly far within the maximum load of the engine in question. The space therefore offers the possibility to chiptune the engine, without the engine being irreparably damaged.

In summary: Chiptuning involves measuring values of an engine, making adjustments to this and improving the performance of the engine in question in this way. Manufacturers often offer different power variants with the same engines to save development costs.These engines are adjusted differently from a software point of view.

Advantages of professional chip tuning

  • More power
  • Decreasing fuel consumption
  • Better driving experience
  • Smoother throttle repons
  • Less load on the engine in case of heavy load
  • Less slow with heavy loads
  • The engine can run more smoothly
  • No degradation of the service life
  • Our Chiptuning is not visible to dealers and importers.
  • Lower purchase costs of an often the same type (profit margin manufacturer is higher with heavier type)

Reliable chip tuning

Do you want to improve performance and also reduce consumption? Then choose professional chip tuning! With more than 20 years of expertise in software reprogram programming and continued investments in top equipment, our supplier is among the top of chip tuning.

Eco Tuning, the solution for fuel savings !

ECO Tuning does not focus so much on improving the performance of a vehicle. But an increasingly important topic in chip tuning is fuel consumption. In times of constant fuel price increase, the ECO Tuning of engines is therefore becoming increasingly important. That's exactly what ECO Tuning is about. Instead of the optimal increase in performance, the priority here is the reduction of fuel consumption!

By optimizing the software, ECO Tuning changes the efficiency of the engine so that fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 20% under normal operating conditions. An increase in performance and improved torque of the engine are also achieved.

ECO Tuning definition

The term ECO Tuning indicates the option to optimize torque in the engine via software, so that the same power can be called up at lower speeds / revs as before (at higher speeds). This results in lower fuel consumption.

Due to in fact rather a higher torque and the progress of the injection timing, the engine is more efficient. Of course, the driver must also be involved after the ECO Tuning.

By switching to a higher gear earlier, among other things, you can save a lot of fuel without compromising on performance. Due to the greater torque on the engine, the driver enjoys better flexibility and therefore has a greater driving pleasure.

When is the ECO Tuning worthwhile?

ECO Tuning is useful for anyone who runs many hours or drives kilometers per year. As a rule, the savings potential is between 10% and 20%. Which improvement can be achieved depends especially strongly on the type of vehicle and the use.

Interested in chiptuning?

‎You can use the form below to request a free quote. Bouius Custom Work will always go through the possibilities of your wishes in consultation with you. As a result, we always offer customized tuning and get the desired result for your vehicle.‎