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The Toplift-HTB agricultural hook lift trailers are designed for efficiency. One hook lift trailer unit can be used to carry out a multitude of tasks by attaching different bodies: from a muck spreader to a water bowser, a timber forwarder to a low loader, a grain body to a dump body – you can attach whatever body you require, as and when you need it. That saves you money, labour, fuel and time. Such versatility can cut your trailer expenses by more than two thirds.

Toplift-HTB agricultural hook lift trailers reduce your operational costs significantly by eliminating the need for additional trailers, tractors and staff. By using a series of containers that can be dropped absolutely anywhere, one tractor, one trailer and one driver can do the work of many more. Whilst the Toplift-HTB agricultural hook lift trailer transports full containers, you can leave empty containers on site or in the field to be filled.

Built to CHEM standards, the Toplift-HTB agricultural hook lift trailers is fully compatible with all commercial hookloader vehicle containers. For those working in both farming and construction, the Toplift-HTB agricultural hook lift trailer offers a perfect hybrid. Add in the self-steering axles, and the manoeuvrability of the Toplift-HTB agricultural hook lift trailer allows it to enter places most trucks cannot. It’s a combination that provides far superior traction.

By way of a sophisticated and technically well -thought -off construction, our carriers are strong yet lightweight.